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 contributing factors

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PostSubject: contributing factors   Wed May 02, 2007 5:12 pm

suggest that the locking operation in degenerativnom PS in very rare cases, which include options PS young patients with signs of instability or when decompression spinal canal involves the removal of two fasetochnyh joints and mezhpozvonkovogo drive. There is also the view that there was no difference remote treatment outcome PS conducted with and without fixation [69]. Studies in recent years research on the comparative assessment of the effectiveness of surgical and nehirurgicheskogo treatments show more effective intervention [10, 40, 42, 55, 101, 102]. S.J. Atlas et al. [12] indicate that surgical treatment for severe forms of FP twice as effective conservative. According to the current literature, on average, more than 2 / 3 of surgical patients with PS indicated a positive result (from 26% to 100%) [5, 10, 58, 59]. Long-term results of treatment of about 10% worse than the next [58]. In central PS of klaudikatsii after the operation regressed about 90% of patients, slightly less prone to a reversal lyumbalgichesky syndrome [72]. If pelvic violations of their full regress after the operation, only 60% of the cases [24]. P. L. Sanderson and J. C. Getty [94] observed 57 patients with stenosis of side retsessusa after partsialnoy fasetektomii (median observation period of 8 years after the operation). Complete regression koreshkovogo pain syndrome occurred in 72% of cases. In 16% of cases decreased pain syndrome, and 12% of patients had no effect operation, A. Herno et al. [49-52] studied the effects of pre - and postoperative factors in the rehabilitation after surgical interventions in PS. After the operation of 439 patients 37% of women and 41% of men have returned to work. It was shown that the rehabilitation contributing factors include age less than 50 years, the duration of the disease is not more than 2 years, laminektomiya. limited one level [521. It was also shown that the age of the patient has no effect on the results of surgical treatment, even in a group of people over 80 years of age do not differ from those in other age groups

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contributing factors
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