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 filling venous

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PostSubject: filling venous   Wed May 02, 2007 6:28 pm

Segmental traffic spinal column are a dynamic component to determine the degree of stenosis koreshkovyh channels. Razgibanie rotation and reduces the available space, kompremiruya counterfoil and receptacles which explains the two types of traffic control in patients with this pathology. Pain koreshkovogo while walking rotatornymi linked to the movements and filling venous bed with a load. Front ending spine is not limited, because it results in an increase in the lateral canals. An example of this is a combination of pain at rest with pain while walking, not forcing the patient to stop and rest. The first allows a differential diagnosis with diskogennoy pathology, the second-to distinguish this syndrome from other options peremezhayuscheysya leg. Distributed pain during the counterfoil of buttocks to the foot, but her character other than a change of intervertebral disks. More often characterized as constant, expressed without the dynamics within days or increasing at night and while walking, depending on the posture (with a long standing, seat). The pain persists in the seated position, therefore, patients prefer to sit on a healthy drilled. Enhanced pain when coughing or sneezing is not happening. Patients (unlike suffering disc hernia) never complain about the impossibility off.The (with washing) have no inclination torso to the side.

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filling venous
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