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 conservative treatment is ineffective

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PostSubject: conservative treatment is ineffective   Wed May 02, 2007 5:03 am

The danger lies, if not understood from getting the drug in subduralnoe space [7]. When expressed shooting, acute pain treatment are complementary antikonvulsantami. The intense, not kupiruyuschihsya other means pain may use narcotic analgesics. When the patient's spirits improved by 40-50% in the range impose fizioprotsedury (vacuum massage, fonoforez, electrophoresis), aimed at reducing muscular diseases [3]. Depending on the condition of the patient at 3-5 day can be connected to alternative methods of manual medicine. This usually means to mobilize, the relaxation of muscles, which in turn leads to smaller antalgicheskogo scoliosis, increased movements poyasnichno-kresttsovo Division spine [4]. Even with a small positive dynamics of the propulsion violations are the chances of success of the long conservative therapy. Forecast treatment worsens when cross pain in a healthy foot in the performance test Lasega, the absence of pain depending on the position of the body, expressed tilted torso, unchanging data Lasega test within 2 weeks. bed rest. Steadily growing in the next few months, a symptom of the decline angle rises straight legs reveal a slipped disc in which conservative treatment is ineffective. Testimony prompt treatment should be considered sdavlenie roots horse tail with parezom foot anaesthetic anogenitalnoy area, in violation of the pelvic organs. Reflex pain syndromes most frequently encountered in clinical practice reflex pain syndromes (about 85% of patients with back pain).

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conservative treatment is ineffective
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