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 method of contraception

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PostSubject: method of contraception   Wed May 02, 2007 6:41 pm

A positive test is the existence of more than 7 mobile spermatozoa under review (with 400-kratnom increase). Sixth stage Immune forms of infertility due to the formation of antispermalnyh antibodies that arise for both men and women. It is about 40 men antigens volume, which formed antibodies. The main reactions antispermalnogo immunity is education antibodies in the uterine cervix, at least in endometrii and uterine tubes. Sheik uterus is a key element of the so-called local immunity. It formed immunoglobulins Class A further immunoglobulins Classes A, G, M absorbed by the plasma. It has been observed that the concentration of immunoglobulins is changing over the menstrual cycle, have decreased during ovulation. Ceramic to antispermalnym antigens have pretsipitiruyuschimi, agglyutiniruyuschimi, immunomobiliziruyuschim and properties. Most treatments for this form of infertility using intrauterine insemination sperm wife-effectiveness of the method is 40%. Implements the barrier method of contraception for at least 6 months (condoms) - effectiveness is about 60%. Seventh stage in the absence of the effect of the screening and treatment for one year to turn a couple of advice to a psychologist or a counselor, later in the extracorporeal fertilization. The ratio between triglitseridami (TG) and high-density lipoproteidami (LPVP) is a reliable marker reveals insulinorezistentnos t in patients with overweight. Resistance to insulinu is common among overweight people and associated with a high risk of type two diabetes and heart disease. Factor TG / LPVP the specificity of discrimination against persons with elevated insulinorezistentnos outsiders - 85% to 52% sensitivity. Holding these simple biochemical tests fairly cheap, easy to do.

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method of contraception
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