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 lack of physical effort

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PostSubject: lack of physical effort   Wed May 02, 2007 8:16 pm

Typically, World Health Day focuses on the most pressing issues facing the planet's health and are under different ward. In 2001, he was devoted to the mental health of people and held under the slogan "Stop exclusion and indifference, Dare to Care!" , In 2000, under the motto "The security of your blood-saving many lives, in 1999 -" Activity is a way for a long life, 1998 - "Pregnancy-special event in their lives. Making it safe "etc. In 2002, World Health Day, on the recommendation of WHO will be held under the theme "Move for Health". We know that physical activity is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Of all of the body's systems of modern man rapidly staritsya is kinetic. He is, literally losing the flexibility force if lenitsya not train him. Absence of motion activity "plus unbalanced diet and bad habits annually cause more than two million deaths. Cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes mellitus type II is often a consequence of the lack of physical effort. The scientists demonstrated that the active movement and good nutrition can prevent one third of cancers. In countries where healthy lifestyles brought into public policy achieves remarkable results. For example, China, Finland, the United States, as a result of increased leisure citizens, mass use in athletics * (walking, jogging, fizzaryadka held at the weekend nature, trekking, training in sports and simulator rooms) has been more than halved the risk of developing diabetes mellitus type II. It transmits United Press Association, in Melbourne a conference on obesity ... of the Australian population. According to studies, more than 50% of Australians are overweight.

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lack of physical effort
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