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 obtained from studies

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PostSubject: obtained from studies   Wed May 02, 2007 8:21 pm

Thus, along with other favorable effects statiny in patients with various forms of ischemic heart disease by 23% reduced risk of cerebral stroke. Unclear the use of statins for the prevention of stroke However, the above figures, first to characterize the effects of statins on the risk of developing a fatal II of fatal strokes data is not enough. Lipidsnizhayuschaya statins therapy is not reduced frequency of haemorrhagic stroke. Secondly, the study WOSCOPS, ie in the primary prevention of CHD, pravastatin had no valid impact on the risk of stroke. Another study of this kind (TexCAPS / AFCAPS with lovastatinom) such analyses are not conducted at all. And finally, there is no conclusive data on the effects of statins on the risk of stroke among elderly people increasingly dominant largest population in the developed countries, where the cerebral circulation, one of the leading causes of disability and mortality. To appoint statiny to reduce the risk of stroke? Based on data obtained from studies 4S, LIPID, CARE lipidsnizhayuschaya therapy simvastatinom and pravastatinom recently been included in the list of activities for primary prevention of brain stroke in patients with IBS with moderately elevated levels of total plasma cholesterol (USA, 1998). This issue is particularly important, because many patients with IBS, but several risk factors of stroke is not currently receive treatment statins. As noted earlier, in WOSCOPS study on primary prevention of CHD (and then retrospectively) assessed the impact pravastatina the frequency of strokes compared to placebo, and the difference proved false. At the same time, the meta-analysis 13 platsebokontroliruemy x Research has shown that the appointment of statins for secondary prevention of complications IBS can prevent an average of 1 in 143 stroke patients within 4 years.

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obtained from studies
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