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 couples to have children

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PostSubject: couples to have children   couples to have children Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 9:00 pm

Women do not wear shoes in the software (if you have a propensity to create varikoza, wear shoes with a heel higher than 4-5 cm). Also useful piece wearing tights and elasticheskoe foot. And, remember that your illness can cope without resorting to surgery. Oglyanites around. Nature is a natural medicine. The healing plants and medical leeches, created by nature itself, can make your feet healthy and beautiful. Obesity greatly reduces the quality and quantity of men's sperm, often to the complete sterility. In front of the building of the American researchers. The male body weight, a much less viable sperm than men of normal weight, and those sperm were more frequently contain genetic defects that reduce their ability to inpregnate ova. This discovery made by scientists of reproductive biology in Atlanta, suggesting that male obesity, which in the past has seen only one of the causes of infertility, is often a key factor in the inability of couples to have children. The impact of obesity on female infertility, as opposed to men, doctors noticed for a long time. The study also explains the reduction in the average number of sperm in men in Western countries, where obesity has reached a very alarming level. The team of scientists, led by William Rudebushem took samples of semen from 52 men after reviewing their relationships with men Body Mass Index, which is calculated by dividing weight (in kilograms) squaring rate (m). Index above 25 indicates lishnem weight, and 30 or more on obesity. Among men with body mass index less than 25 the average number of normal, healthy sperm in each ejaculate was 18,8 million Men weight this number has decreased to 3.6 million, while men suffering from obesity, were all healthy 700 thousand sex cells. According to Dr. Rudebusha, the latter figure is bordered by infertility, as well as the probability of successful insemination, such as artificial fertilization, has been drastically reduced, when the number of sperm less than 3,7 million
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couples to have children
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