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 intensive care

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PostSubject: intensive care   intensive care Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 9:01 pm

In the absence of such a transport-call consultants from the centre and the woman at the scene. # admitted patients with preeklampsiey in hospital should be planned in the light of the severity of pre-eclampsia, providing timely advice related professionals (Neurologist, oculist, a therapist and an anaesthetist), and adequate tests for the first night of stay in hospital. # When treating pre-eclampsia moderate and severe degrees of priority will be given medication gipotenzivnym central action (dopegit, metildofa) antagonistam calcium ions (magnesium sulfate). Required lechebno-ohranitelny mode (sedation, neyroleptiki curative anaesthesia). # The conservative pregnancy use prostaglandins in the form of gel or tsitoteka tablets for the preparation of ancestral ways, rationally and effectively anaesthetize childbirth; in the absence of contraindications, widely used for pain epiduralnuyu anaesthesia. # Infuzionnaya therapy should be carried out under the supervision of gematokrita (more than 27-28%), hemoglobin (more than 35%), diureza (30-40 ml / hour), a DVD (60-80 mm water column), the infuzionnoy therapy (no more than 2100-2200 mL), the rate of 50 ml / hr, with a positive diureze 20%. # Pokazaniyami to early rodorazresheniyu Caesarean is : eclampsia, eclampsia severe effects in the absence of treatment, complications of pre-eclampsia (coma, anuriya, amavroz, bleeding in the retina, premature detachment of normally situated placenta, the suspected brain haemorrhage), a combination of pre-eclampsia, on the other obstetric patients (tazovoe predlezhanie, narrow hips, large fruit, etc.), pre moderately in the absence of the effect of treatment, rare forms of pre-eclampsia (HELLP-sindrom, acute muscular dystrophy liver). # Following delivery of patients with severe preeklampsiey and eklampsiey needed lengthy IVL at least 2 hours and treated in the intensive care unit at least 24 hours. # patients who suffered severe preeklampsiyu and eclampsia, must be supervised by the district obstetrician, neuropathologist, nefrologa during the year. They should be mandatory rehabilitation therapy and clinical observation of a family planning. American children are suffering from excess weight is the cradle : according to the most recent studies in the United States sverhkaloriynaya "diet" starts very early, barely turned Baby few months. Study Feeding Infants & Toddler Study shows that American children get too much fat, sugar and salt and too few fruits and vegetables. These studies were presented in San Antonio, Texas, at a conference of the American Dietary Association.
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intensive care
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