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 intestinal obstruction

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PostSubject: intestinal obstruction   intestinal obstruction Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 9:02 pm

By studying the supply 3 of thousands of children, researchers found that young Americans between the ages of one and two years consume an average of 1,220 calories per day, 30% more than the experts recommend (950 calories). At the age of 7 to 11 months, the number of calories exceeds the required level of 20%. "For two years," the report said, food habits are beginning to the characteristics of the American diet. " According to a federal study, 31% of the 292 million Americans are obese, in other words, we are talking about those whose weight exceeds the norm by 14 or more kilograms. The trend towards increasing weight of the population has slowed : it is expected that within a period of 7 years, in 2010, will be 68 million Americans overweight. Dietologi-pediatry raise the alarm. According to Jody Shild, napisavshey two books on child nutrition, parents are responsible not only for what they are fed children, but also for the manner in which they feed themselves. "Your children," says dietician, look at you and see what you do. " Pilot operation of a detour gastric anastomoza to treat type 2 diabetes in a very full of patients had excellent results. The procedure can greatly reduce absorption of food and monitor the level of glucose. Total tsunami 191 patients. A few days after the operation a third of the patients no longer required medications for diabetes. 119 people participated in the experiment, get diabetes not more than 5 years; 95% of them completely rid of the disease after the operation, and during the past 20 months there has been no symptoms. If, on average, the patients before the operation weighed 140 kilograms, after the operation, 95 kg. 65% of patients before the operation to take drugs for diabetes, and 27% insulin. After the operation, these figures changed to 13% and 6%. Many patients said to improve one's spirits after the operation, but there are side effects : 13% of patients suffered pneumonia, suffered from intestinal obstruction or trombov. During the first month after the operation, one person died. Still, scientists are confident that a positive outcome of the operation is much greater than the negative. Specialists believe that the detour gastric anastomoza should become a routine operation to treat diabetes in a very full life. Hyperten develops from 7-10% of all pregnant women, from 4-5%, in the form of pre-eclampsia (PE).
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intestinal obstruction
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