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 endemic goitre

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PostSubject: endemic goitre   endemic goitre Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 5:11 pm

More rare is the primary hypothyroidism, eventually developed in the outcome of subacute, fibrosis and specific thyroiditis, as well as resistant hypothyroidism as a result of the treatment of diffuse toxic goiter tireostatikami, although there could be room for spontaneous outcome of the disease in hypothyroidism. In some cases genesis hypothyroidism remains unclear (idiopathic hypothyroidism). There are congenital and acquired forms of primary hypothyroidism. The cause of congenital hypothyroidism (see below), occurring at a frequency of 1 per 4 - 5 thousand infants (R. Larsen, 1996) are as follows : aplaziya dysplasia and thyroid, endemic goitre, congenital deficit TTG, the syndrome of peripheral resistance tireoidnym hormones (casuistic). The main forms of hypothyroidism and the causes summed In central stenoze based surgical tactics is laminektomiya and removing yellow bundles of stenosis. In reducing the size of the cross channel an additional partial resection fasetochnyh knee (medial fasetektomiya). The so - "nekostnom stenoze" due primarily overdetermination yellow ligament, a procedure was developed gemilaminektomii bilateral ligamentektomiey at suzhennom station Channel [73]. Vastis stenozy depending on the specific characteristics of compression souche removed by decompression koreshkovogo feed to different extents (retsessotomiya, fasetektomiya removal osteofitov) [37, 70]. When stenozah koreshkovogo channel ( "zone sign") adequate decompression involves medialis fasetektomii (50% of the joint), if necessary, combined with osteofita province mezhpozvonkovogo drive.
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endemic goitre
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