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 fraught with complications

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PostSubject: fraught with complications   fraught with complications Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 9:08 pm

Correction gipovolemicheskih disorders should precede hypertensive therapy. This is true because Hypertension in heavy forms gestosis consists mainly of gipovolemii, and occurs while increasing total peripheral resistance vessels is kompensatorny nature. Consequently, the use antigipertenzivnyh drugs without prior removal gipovolemii development fraught with complications, and primarily result in a disruption matochno-platsentarnog blood flow, and hence worsen the fetal hypoxia. Currently, any intensive care critical condition, which include severe forms of late gestosis viewed as a manifestation of chronic hypovolemic shock involves ekstrakorporalnyh detoxification methods. In therapy gestosis recently using different types plasmapherisis. The therapeutic effects plasmapherisis are removed from blood srednemolekulyarnyh toxins, immune and fibrin-monomernyh complexes inhibitors eritropoeza antitrombinovoy stimulation and activity, fibrinolysis. Plazmaferez affects the basal membrane permeability klubochkov kidney, accompanied by a decline in proteinurii nefrotoksicheskom syndrome and normalization proteinogrammy. Proper evaluation of the clinical situation, and a judicious mix infuzionno-transfuzi com and detoksikatsionnyh programs allow either prolong the pregnancy before viability of the foetus and reduce perinatal loss, or avoid complications in pregnancy emergency.
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fraught with complications
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