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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

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 enough to complete sedimentation

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enough to complete sedimentation Empty
PostSubject: enough to complete sedimentation   enough to complete sedimentation Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 9:09 pm

The initial dose was 2.5 g dry matter. The total daily intake of magnesium sulfate is less than 12 g intravenously controlled CHDD, hourly diureza and knee reflexes. In the case of poor performance or resistance to magnesium sulphate gipotenzivnuyu therapy is advisable to supplement the introduction of derivatives ksantinola nikotinata (komplamin, sadamin). Ksantinola nikotinat expands peripheral vessels, improves reduces force on vascular resistance. This medication has expressed effect on the hemostasis : activates processes fibrinolysis reduces agregatsiyu platelets, reduces the viscosity of blood. You can use calcium antagonist (nifedipin, verapamil) to 80 mg / d inwards or 5-10 mg / d intravenously controlled CHSS. In the event of kliniko-laboratornog effect nfuzionno-transfuzio th therapy (reduction or normalization of AD, the disappearance or reduction swells, the elimination proteinurii, no degradation of the fetus), the programme is carried out every day for 3-5 days. In parallel for the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome in the offspring (at 28-34 weeks of pregnancy) needed intravenous derivatives ambroksola (mukosalvan-1000, ambroksan) at the dose of 1 g / day for 3 days. Ambroksol promotes prenatal maturation light, which is linked to increased synthesis surfaktanta in alveotsitah and slower it decays. Testimony to be included in a comprehensive intensive care discrete plasmapherisis is retsidivirovanie clinical manifestations of gestosis. For plasmapherisis requires monitoring the concentration of blood levels of total protein, the presence of at least two venous accesses (one central VIENA), monitor the status of the mother (AD, CHSS, CHDD) and fruit kardiotokografii method. Plazmaferez be conducted in a specially equipped room. Rather, a discrete plasmapherisis. Spinning the blood must be hard-pressed enough to complete sedimentation of standard elements. Pregnant placed on the functional bed on its side to prevent "bottom with the vena cava syndrome." Before eksfuzii blood pressure volemicheskaya a 6% solution of BSE (at least 200 mL), eksfuziya plastikatny held in a container by gravity from the peripheral veins. Total eksfuzirovannoy plasma for 1 session-at least 40% of OTSP. Reimbursement eksfuzirovannogo volume is at the expense of solutions BSE-500 and 300 ml frozen plasma levels of total protein is below 60 g / l. proteinuriya little or her absence can include in the program instead of frozen plasma 200 ml of 10% albumin solution. After plasmapherisis continues sedativnaya said, infuzionno-transfuzi Major and gipotenzivnaya therapy.

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enough to complete sedimentation
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