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 total peripheral resistance

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PostSubject: total peripheral resistance   total peripheral resistance Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:07 am

The painful labour always exacerbates gestosis in childbirth, it must be applied : first period. * Anesthesia (promedol, fentanyl), periduralnaya anaesthesia - gipotenzivnoe act relaxes uterine neck, matochno-platsentarnoe improves blood circulation. * Gipotenzivnaya therapy intravenously struyno - dibazol, papaverin, intramuscularly pentamin Batches, klofelin (stage, gipotenzivnoe, pain relieving effects), nitroglycerin podyazychno. Second period. Among the most likely to stroke and other complications. Users enter ganglioblokatory drip-managed normotoniya (imehin, pentamin). Depending on the condition of the foetus and the mother of the second period should be shortened perineotomiey or overlaid termination or polostnyh obstetric forceps. The third period. With careful prevention of bleeding. As already have chronic phase DVS. Intravenous drip oxytocin, metilergometrin, when teething head. Intensive therapy Intensive Care severe gestosis today represented not only different infuzionno-transfuzi nnymi programs, but also spared ekstrakorporalnymi detoxification methods. This is because progressively gipovolemiya, raising the total peripheral resistance, the crisis microcirculation and endotoksinemii with heavy forms late gestosis, many authors consider manifestation of chronic hypovolemic shock, followed by the development in the treatment of so-called reperfuzionnogo syndrome. When integrated intensive therapy, it is first necessary to strict compliance with the general principles of intensive care. This is the catheterization wing veins, hourly monitoring DVDs and diureza; Determining the concentration of blood (haemoglobin gematokrit, the number of erythrocytes, platelets).
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total peripheral resistance
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