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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

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PostSubject: low fragments   low fragments Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:08 am

Also, it is necessary to define the level of total protein, transaminaz (AST, ALT, LDG), fractions cium and electrolytes. Secondly, it is necessary to differentiate between a therapeutic programmes late gestosis, depending on the goal, that is, need to distinguish between therapy aimed at prolongirovanie pregnancies, and therapy can be delivered in the best, "comfortable" conditions. One of the main components of the treatment of severe gestosis is infuzionno-transfuzi Major therapy. However, most media infusion (dekstranov solutions, gelatin), in varying degrees, do not correspond to the tasks at hand in the treatment of this disease, due to the large number of side effects. The best product, the date the "ideal plazmozamenitelyu" are 6% and 10% solutions gidroksietilirovanno th starch (BSE). The drug is gidrolizovanny amilopektin obtained from the seeds of maize wax ripeness or potatoes. Gidroksietilovye groups provide high volemicheskie properties of drugs : 10% solution of 1,4-1,5. 6% - 1,3. By creating high levels gemodillyutsii, drugs BSE have dezagregiruyuschee act normalize kolloidno-osmotichesk e pressure plasma, improve organ perfuziyu and oxygen transport by systemic hemodynamics and restoring circulation. The drug circulation in the wake sosudistom averaging 4 hours, during which time a macromolecule split -amilazoy at low fragments which eliminiruyutsya through the kidneys. The structure of the drug is similar with the structure of human glycogen, so he typically low reaktogennost. A rational and cost should be considered inclusion infuzionno-transfuzi diversity the donor frozen plasma to correct protein balance. In doing so not only eliminated gipoproteinemiya but normalized ratio combined / prokoagulyanty that should be viewed as preventing bleeding in childbirth and the postpartum period. Introduction albumin solutions impractical, because as a specific selective albuminurii (especially 5% solution), he quickly displayed as a short correction gipovolemii and gipoproteinemii with severe forms of gestosis.
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low fragments
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