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 migraine convulsing

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PostSubject: migraine convulsing   migraine convulsing Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:09 am

Emergency services in eclampsia. * At the time of epilepsy : rotorasshiritel to release the respiratory tract. * When a breath : zakisny anaesthesia, or ftorotanovy. * Ethylene not apply, because it gives initiation phase, which could provoke the attack. Therapy is designed to prevent the next epilepsy. OPM infuzionnaya therapy gipotenzivnye means mochegonnye, sedation. * If evolved fit, it is necessary IVL (endotrahealny anaesthesia) and do a Caesarean section. After Caesarean section produces correction gemodinamicheskih indicators. The postpartum period is generally declining AD, improves function parenchymatous organs. But sometimes pregnancy leaves traces in the form of hypertensive disease, kidney disease (ie pregnancy revealed hidden pathology). Emergency services in eclampsia (on Samuelsu) 1. Nitroprusside Na vnutivenno slowly 3 μg / kg. Propranolol 1 to 5 mg intravenously to correct tachycardia amidst nitroprussida sodium. 2. In continuing to stroke giponatriemiyu deleted. 3. Phenytoin 15 mg / kg intravenously 50 mg / min. 4. With no effective fenitoina spend LP, KT and vnutrirvenno 5 - 10 mg diazepam. Scheme on "Urgent conditions in obstetrics and gynecology * Beremennuyu stored on its right side, put duct breathing oxygen or nitrous oxide anaesthesia apparatus AN-8. * Neyroleptanalgeziya : 2 ml of 0.5% seduksena acid 2% promedola intravenously 2 to 4 ml of 0.25% droperidola glass + 1% dimedrola * Determine obstetric situation (only after the NLA, as migraine convulsing can resume). * Treatment gestosis : Magniya sulfate 25% to 30 ml of 0.9% NaCl R-r-400 ml / drip in 100 ml / hour. (Reopoliglyukin 400 ml) + Dibazol 2-6 ml of 1% solution Papaverin 2 to 4 mL of 2% solution * No-shpa glass 2% solution of 200-400 ml of any solution poliionnogo w / w or 5% r-r glucose under control diureza (Catheterisation bladder). * decline AD : klofelin 0,01% 1 ml / m or intravenously; * Managed gipotenziya : pentamin 5% 0,5-1 ml / m or / benzogeksony in 1 ml of 2.5% (effect through 12-15 minutes) * Assessment of pregnant on the scale of Glasgow. Diagnosis Diagnosis gestosis put to a typical clinical presentation, taking into account predraspolagayushih factors.
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migraine convulsing
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