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 clarify the seriousness

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PostSubject: clarify the seriousness   clarify the seriousness Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:09 am

In the early stages of the important role of elementary instrumental methods : weighing, measuring AD. Analysis of urine reveals proteinuriyu and assess the severity nefropatii. To assess the degree of multiple organ failure need to be biochemical blood analysis, to assess the condition of hemostasis (koagulogramma). Ultrasound techniques for the objective measurement organnoe blood circulation, especially matochno-platsentarnoe (dopplerografiya), as well as the state fruit. The effects of hypertension detected in ECG and oftalmoskopii (changes retinal vessels). Survey : * regular weighing, measuring blood pressure * * definition of overnight diureza (ratio vypitoy and selected liquid), * regular urine tests, biochemical blood analysis * * ultrasound fetal dopplerometriya, to assess the seriousness of gestosis offered different scale : built - triad Tsantgemeystera where each symptom is estimated to score. Some indicators include : daily diurez, subjective complaints gipotrofiyu fruit. Defined index toxaemia. The most common one is scale Peller : Expressiveness swells, yield weight proteinuriya, AD, daily diurez, subjective complaints. Count points. Scale Repina : the same + state his eye. In light pre-eclampsia - angiopatiya with advanced venami and suzhennymi arteries. Heavy pre-narrowing of arteries and veins, preeklampsicheskoe state - retinal edema. Earn estate is not more than 12 kg, but depending on the type of phenomenon : during normal teloslozhenii yield 9-10 kg, the gipostenikov, 11-12 kg, the giperstenikov no more than 8-9 kilograms. Thus, toxaemia diagnosis is based on a triad of Tsantgemeystera and laboratory data (lower diureza, protein in urine and cylinder, the increase in creatinine and urea changes liver samples; Violation matochno-platsentarnog circulatory system, the ultrasound-wasting, the number of platelets, as a prognostic criteria). The survey, which should be every woman to clarify the seriousness of gestosis : * Clinical blood : to draw attention to the haemoglobin gematokrit, SOE, the number of red cells, platelets. * Definition of renal function : daily diurez with severe pre-eclampsia - definition hourly diureza, sample Zimnitskogo, Nechiporenko. Draw attention to the weight, protein, a gialinovyh cylinder. * Checking liver functions on the basis of biochemical blood analysis : koagulogramma, protein, pechenochnye enzymes. * Definition of the circulatory system-digit AD, pulse, ECG (signs of diseases). * Watching his eye (to the extent angiopatii retina). * EEG. * Doplerografiya, ultrasound (thickness determination placenta, the degree of maturity (when gestoze exceeded term gestatsii) melkotochechnye bleeding in the placenta, determine the cut fruit. Diagnosis place on the basis of laboratory data, clinical manifestations, as well as the criteria judged on the severity of gestosis. Total treatment principles.
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clarify the seriousness
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