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 unmanageable hypotonia

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PostSubject: unmanageable hypotonia   unmanageable hypotonia Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:10 am

A woman with a heavy gestosis must stay indoors, where quiet, warm and dark (Rule 3 "T"). What would be the gravity of gestosis, echebno-ohranitelny Data observe at home and in hospital : an emotional comfort, the positive attitude of close friends, the regulation of sleep and rest, moderate physical pressure, sedation (sedatives teas, tabletirovannye drugs-relanium, nozepam). In light pre-eclampsia these drugs can be made orally, nutrimyshechno. In severe pre-eclampsia introduction intramuscularly and intravenously. Neyrovegetativnaya blockade has been viewed with severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia : droperidol, seduksen (relanium) pipolfen (dimedrol) = DSP. * Removing generalized acute receptacles : * Combating gipovolemiey. * Application gipotenzivnyh and spazmoliticheskih of central and peripheral type of action. Infusion therapy : elkovye and colloid preparations do not use because of high permeability of the vascular wall introduction of these drugs has meant that these proteins in tissue left by withdrawing the water from the vascular bed, Even more aggravating gipovolemiyu. These products are used in proven gipoproteinemii and in the guise of drugs enhance vascular wall : vitamin C, askorutin, calcium preparations. The infuzionnoy therapy should not exceed 600-800 ml, should include mostly salt solutions, which quickly filled OTSZH and also quickly withdrew vascular track, on the span, we can work actively hypotensive drugs. Infusion therapy is carried out under the supervision of hourly or daily diureza, and must include : * * salt solutions gipotenzivnye means Antihypertensive have flaccid or central mechanism of action. * Products rauvolfii (rezerpin, aunatin) is not widely used. Used mostly for those who suffer hypertension disease, and those who have been supportive dose before pregnancy. Doses reduce the rodorazresheniem. * Products broad application : metildofa, opegit-product number one in the form gipertenzivnoy especially for women with hypertensive disease, is a central driver of a lfa-2-adrenoretseptor in. rimenyayut to 125 mg three times a day. * Droperidol (the central) of 20-40 mg 2-3 times a day. Were not as a daily drug, and in emergency aid. * Ganglioblokatory (arfonad, pentamin, benzogeksony, imehin). Batches must be used in the determination of individual sensitivity 0,5-1 ml intramuscularly, t intravenously. Gangliblokatory can be applied only if a infuzionnaya already therapy because they can lead to unmanageable hypotonia, and in gipovolemii very difficult for a woman to withdraw from hypovolemic shock. Ganglioblokatory increasingly used in childbirth, on, we need managed normotoniya. All women with gestosis do not need to normal figures AD because matochno-platsentarnoe blood will suffer because accustomed to the higher figures AD.
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unmanageable hypotonia
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