Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

Weight Loss
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The lowest figures in the urine estriola provide information about risk ORN-gestoza. People at risk for the development of ORN-gestoza : * Women with kidney disease. * Women with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, vegetososudistaya distoniya, heart disease. * Women with endokrinopatiyami particularly obesity and diabetes. Pretoksikoz. Many of the pregnant woman before gestozu, although not necessarily pretoksikoz deployed in toxaemia. Diagnosis pretoksikoza. * The risk for the development of gestosis : careful clinical observation than for women who do not have somatic pathology. Identification : # Morbid yield weight after 20 weeks of pregnancy, with no apparent trauma. # Increased diastolic pressure over 90 mm.rt.st. # Reducing pulse pressure of 30 or less. # AD asymmetry in the two hands (always be measured on two hands) of more than 10 mm.rt.st. # Functional samples measuring AD : sample the turn-turn a woman on the left side, the right, and if the changes in AD more than 20 mm.rt.st., then the woman will be at risk. # Reducing daily diureza to 900 ml / day or less. It is reducing the weight of urine. # Light proteinuriya. # Higher numbers mean AD. Norma middle AD 90-100 mm.rt.st if more 105mm.rt.st. It pathology. # Laboratory indicators (haemoglobin gematokrit etc. see above). Treatment : * Diet limiting sodium salts, and with moderate fluid restriction (1000-1200 ml / day). Currently, the discharge days of being appointed. * mode. Must be necessarily determined engine activity and good sleep. Required receiving sedatives. * Psihoprofilakticheska I Preparation. Pregnancy and childbirth are always stress *, why are interviews with the pregnant woman, exercise, swimming, reflexology. Admission antiaggregantov to improve matochno-platsentarnog circulatory system (trental pills for 0,1, kurantil pills to 0,025, komplamin). * Kislorodoterapiya with elektroanalgeziey adjustable crustal neyrodinamiki, vascular tone. * Vitamins to improve the metabolism in tissues : gindevit, vitamin E, metionin, glutaminovaya acid, vitamin C, riboflavin, nikotinovaya acid. * To reduce the permeability of vascular wall-askorutin, galaskorbin, calcium gluconate. * The Pathological increment weight : mochegonnye teas, orotat potassium spazmolitiki (dibazol, papaverin) antihistaminics funds. * Products aspirin, 60 mg / day, starting from 13 weeks of pregnancy in women at risk for the development of gestosis. Applications in doses based on the principle that aspirin helps provide prostatsiklin (natural vazodilatatora and antiaggreganta).
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