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 metabolic atsidoze

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PostSubject: metabolic atsidoze   metabolic atsidoze Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 6:55 am

Humidity skin and mucous membranes is a normal frequency pulse is less than 80 sp / min. Blood pressure does not change. Clinical urine and blood without pathological changes. II degree-vomiting moderately injured. The general state of women greatly upset : vomiting is from 6 to 10 times a day and no longer linked to the reception of food, loss of body weight of 2 to 3 kg of 1,5-2 week. Can subfebrilnaya temperature. Humidity skin and mucous membranes remained normal. Tachycardia to 90-100 sp / min. Blood pressure may be slightly reduced. Atsetonuriya 20-50% of patients. III degree-heavy (over) vomiting pregnant. The general state of women has deteriorated sharply. Vomiting to be 20-25 times a day, sometimes in any patient movement. Disrupted sleep, adinamiya. Loss of body weight prior to 8-10 kg. Skin and mucous membranes sheets become dry, language taxed. Increasing the temperature of the body (37,2-37,50 C). Tachycardia to 110-120 sp / min, arterial pressure decreases. Pregnant not holding any food or water, which leads to dehydration and metabolic violations. Violated all kinds of metabolism. Daily diurez lowered, atsetonuriya often protein in the urine and cylinders. Sometimes increasingly contain hemoglobin in the blood associated with dehydrated. In the blood hypothesis and disproteinemiya, giperbilirubinemiya, increased creatinine. The shift acid-base equilibrium in the atsidoza. The study found lower electrolytes potassium, sodium and calcium. Treatment of minor vomiting may be waived. Treatment requires moderate and severe vomiting among women with a risk for the transition to a heavy degree. Treatment. * Regulation of the central nervous system : droperidol - neyroleptik with a pronounced effect protivorvotnym (intravenously, intramuscularly 1 ml of 0.25% solution Droperidol). When injecting the effect is very rapid, with the introduction vnutrimyshechnom effect occurs in 3-4 hours. Aminazin now used less frequently because it has a negative effect on the liver. Infusions are grasses, tabletirovannye drugs relaniuma (40-50 mg, or Relanium 0,5% 2 mL), nozepam (10 mg). * The fight against dehydration. When heavy feces infuzionnaya therapy at least 1,5-3 l comparing with diurezom : salt solutions (kristalloidy), proteins and plasma products, 10-20% glucose, vitamins B and group C. In heavy feces prednisolone (hydrocortisone), estrogeny. * Antigistaminnye drugs : dimedrol (Sol. Dimedroli 1% 1ml), pipolfen (0,025 pills), suprastin (2 ml of 1%, to 0,025 tablets), diprazin (2.5% in 1 ml USD). * If there metabolic atsidoza-hydrogen sodium 200 ml. Can be used-atsesol, ortosol, hlosol, potassium, sodium asparginat. Very rarely used drugs bromine. Less frequently used poliglyukin, reopoliglyukin -giperonkoticheskie products with high numbers gematokrita not recommended. Severe vomiting are in urgent need of aid. Testimony for the abortion will be : # # heavy overall ineffectiveness of treatment over the next 6-12 hours # development of acute malnutrition yellow liver # development OPN Since early pregnancy toxicosis is most often develops in 6-12 weeks of pregnancy, the method of termination of pregnancy-induced abortion. Ptializm (blood). Features : # often accompanies vomiting. Losses reached # 1 liter of saliva a day. # Characteristically dehydration, gipoproteinemiya. # Soprovozhdaetsya oppressed mental state. Factors pathogenesis of the same as in the feces pregnant. Excessive salivation may occur both in feces pregnant, and independently.
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metabolic atsidoze
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