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 decreasing appetite

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PostSubject: decreasing appetite   decreasing appetite Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 6:55 am

The main source of nutrition are fats, rashoduyuschiysya body glycogen breakdown of fats increases, which leads to an accumulation of ketonovyh phone increases the speed lipoliza free fatty acids produced more than enough (may be disposed perifericheskimi tissues). Free fatty acids in the liver to become ketonovye body, and can develop severe giperlipemiya until fat infiltration of the liver. Ketatsidoz itself is the cause vomiting, which exacerbates existing vomiting, and consequently worsen dehydration and violation elektrolitnogo balance. Dwindling reserves fluid : cellular and vnekletochnoy, as a result of growing tissues and organs hypoxia may increase the concentration of urea increased gematokrit (due to dehydration), the disparity in the number of red cells and hemoglobin. High figures gematokrit and hemoglobin showed heavy degrees early toxaemia pregnant. As a result of these processes is the metabolic acidosis, coupled with gipokaliemiey. In order to determine the severity of vomiting pregnant there is a need for research : * Clinical blood : enhancing gematokrita, hemoglobin, erythrocyte increase SOE. * blood of treated : the total protein and protein on the factions, fibrinogen, the platelets, liver enzymes. * Analysis of urine : increased weight, the value of daily diureza, urea, creatinine in order to ascertain the involvement of the kidney. * With all these mechanisms of pathogenesis of early toxaemia pregnant violates EKG, which also shows the degree of elektrolitnogo balance EEG. * Strict counting frequency vomiting in the night with a comparison with daily diurezom. * The overall : complaints, pulse, dry skin, etc. Vomiting pregnant accompanied by changes in taste and olfactory sensations, decreasing appetite, it is not only in the morning and repeated several times a day. Pregnant vomiting (emesis gravidarum) occurs in about 50-60% of pregnant women, but care needed no more than 8-10% of them. The sooner there is vomiting during pregnancy, the harder it runs. Depending on the gravity of vomiting distinguish between three degrees of severity : mild, moderate and severe. With slightly (I level) vomiting pregnant overall patient remains satisfactory. Vomiting is 5 times a day, often after eating, sometimes bladders. This reduces appetite and mood injures pregnant woman. Pulmonary losing weight less than 3 kg body temperature had remained within normal limits.
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decreasing appetite
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