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 hormone imbalance

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PostSubject: hormone imbalance   hormone imbalance Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 6:56 am

Early toxicosis is up to 20 weeks. The following early toxicosis and rare form of toxaemia : 1. Uncontrollable vomiting pregnant. 2. Ptializm. 3. Jaundice pregnant. 4. Dermatozy pregnant (itch less eczema, urticaria, erythema, herpes). 5. Acute liver muscular dystrophy. 6. Tetaniya pregnant. 7. Osteomalacia pregnant. 8. Horeya pregnant. 9. Artropatiya pregnant. There are at 60-50% of all pregnant women, but require correction, only 10%. Uncontrollable vomiting pregnant. Features : # There are a pervorodyaschih (50-60% of pregnant). # There is nausea and vomiting, collapse of body weight, dehydration, # gipohloremicheskim alkalozom, disorders elektrolitnogo homeostasis. # Soprovozhdaetsya valetudinarianism, alarm hadst. # In 8-10% of cases in need of treatment. Most common form of hypertensive disease : vomiting, and, depending on the frequency of vomiting, the extent of deterioration and laboratory indicators are distinguished : * slight degree * * moderate degree of severe vomiting pathogenesis. Vomiting pregnant leads to dehydration, changes in metabolism, elektrolitnogo balance, which affects the status of pregnant and the foetus. A role in the development of vomiting plays hormone imbalance background : it may be a lack of estrogen, peaks horionicheskogo gonadotropina coincide with vomiting, a lowering of secretions corticosteroid and increasing parasimpaticheskoy nervous system. We attach great importance immunologicheskomu conflict between mother and fruit. And the most frequent vomiting pregnant will meet a woman with blood diseases. Vomiting leading to dehydration and loss of electrolytes. Dehydration leads to a decline in kidney function : reduced speed klubochkovoy filtering reduces daily diurez. The plasma concentrations of potassium and increased sodium because fewer vnekletochnoy fluid. As a result of starvation develops gipoproteinemiya.
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hormone imbalance
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