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 gradually fading

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PostSubject: gradually fading   gradually fading Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 7:14 am

Eclampsia is a clinically pronounced symptoms of multiple organ failure, which develops against the backdrop of one or more of convulsions to stroke, etiologically unrelated to the other pathological condition (epilepsy, a violation of cerebral circulation) of women during pregnancy and childbirth with gestosis. This interpretation eclampsia suggests the possible cause of acute encephalopathy human metabolism, in particular kolloidno-osmotichesk th of blood. Traditionally, eclampsia distinguish isolated sudorozhny fit, a series of convulsions to stroke, following each other at short intervals (eklampsichesky status), loss of consciousness after convulsant epilepsy (eklampsicheskaya coma), the sudden loss of consciousness without convulsing attack ( "eclampsia without eclampsia", or "coma" hepatica). Before convulsing a growing headache, deterioration of sleep, insomnia, anxiety, increased AD. Duration of epilepsy, 1-2 minutes. consists of the following periods : 1) predsudorozhny period (30 c) small-car muscle person forever closed angles mouth drops; 2) the period convulsing tons (30 c) - tetanicheskoe decrease muscle whole body torso napryagaetsya, breathing ceases, the person sineet; 3) the period klonicheskih convulsing (30 c) - violent convulsions, muscle car person, torso and limbs, convulsions are gradually fading, a hriploe breath mouth is foam, colored by the blood of bite language; 4) the period of epilepsy-consciousness returned gradually, what happened woman remembers nothing. The disease is characterized by profound violation of the central nervous system, its anxiety is increasing rapidly. The stressors (pain, noise, light) may trigger a new episode. The ability to predict eclampsia is the most difficult and important issue, because, after doing so, you can cope with the suddenness of its occurrence among women with gestosis.
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gradually fading
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