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 multiple organ failure

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PostSubject: multiple organ failure   multiple organ failure Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 7:15 am

There are increases in liver, necrotic changes parenhimy, coagulation necrosis periphery of the body nadryvy Serum capsules, anaemia receptacles. In eclampsia is a violation of the functions of the kidneys. There glomerul disease, the leading and return arteries fibrinovymi svertkami, swelling endotelialnyh cells until obstruction clearance glomerul. When elektronno-mikroskop church study protoplazme endoteliya elektronno-plotnyh the formation of particles. Immunoflyuorestsentnym method shows their identity newly occurs fibrina. It has been observed that often affects prekapillyarnye arterioly kidneys, a cocktail followed by bleeding. Morphologic and functional changes have resulted in the violation of filtering reabsorbtsii and secreting substances fungus, which is one of the reasons for the further development of hypertension, proteinurii, swells. In eclampsia consequence of a breach of kidney function (until anurii) Compensation is only through increased ventilation provided free passage in the respiratory tract and the lack of brain damage or oppression respiratory centre due sedativnoy therapy. Otherwise, progressive cycle leads to mixed form atsidoza adding hypoxia, giperkapnii, increased intracranial hypertension, which in turn has led to an increase in attacks. If the vicious circle of the suspension fails, the bleeding in the brain, paralysis of respiratory center, cardiac arrest, shock, heart failure, resulting in oteku lung or respiratory and metabolic acidosis end fatal. When a death in a few days why it is aspirate or gipostaticheskaya pneumonia, liver coma, bilateral necrosis title substance nadpochechnikov or renal insufficiency due to ossification nefroteliya Channel with breach of the integrity of basal membranes. After a postponed eclampsia patient threatened violation of the central nervous system (psychosis, paralysis vegetative violations, epilepsy, headache, reducing memory, etc.) and other systems and organs. Thus, it may be considered that eclampsia develops as a syndrome of multiple organ failure (cardiac, respiratory, pochechno-pechenochnaya deficiency) with a typical breach of blood flow and Organ Perfusion, vazokonstriktsiey, deterioration of the physical state of the blood and violate its rock properties, as well as all types of metabolism.
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multiple organ failure
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