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 increasing pressure

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PostSubject: increasing pressure   increasing pressure Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 7:15 am

Since there is no loss of consciousness kashlevoy reflex, stockpiling Bronchus secretion and saliva leads to a narrowing of the airways or closing their clearance, which have contributed atelektazov breach of the gas exchange. Shuntovaya circulation increases hypoxia and delay carbon dioxide. Giperkapniya reducing anxiety respiratory centre, aggravated breach of the gas exchange and irritation sosudodvigatelnogo center and sinoaortalnyh receptors increases blood pressure in ways large and small circle of blood circulation. Progressive causes vessels during the attack eclampsia and excess blood suddenly going to tsirkulyatornoe terminus of spazmirovannyh muscles, put considerable strain on the heart, which could be exacerbated gipoksiey and giperkapniey. This explains the heart rhythm and changes in ECG. As a result of increased stress on the heart develops tachycardia, the heart cavity expands, a circulatory insufficiency of central origin, which contributes to hypoxia and giperkapniyu. In eclampsia violation of the heart (heart syndrome low emissions) are often combined with the swelling of the lungs, contributing to hypoxia and giperkapniyu that leads to more heart failure functions. The heavy attacks over giperkapniya eclampsia (at some stage giperkapniya enhances the release of catecholamines, improving tone peripheral vessels) affects sosudodvigatelny centre and peripheral vessels, resulting in peripheral tsirkulyatornoy deficiency, which joins the central. In repeated attacks eclampsia because of the increasing pressure vnutricherepnogo violated function termoreguliruyuschego center, which leads to giperpireksii. In eclampsia, approximately 75% of patients show signs of liver failure. According to the autopsies of patients who died of eclampsia, the most frequently damaged liver, which showed a large number of fibrinovyh mikrotrombov and bleeding under glissonovu capsule.
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increasing pressure
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