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 consequence of the following mechanisms

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PostSubject: consequence of the following mechanisms   consequence of the following mechanisms Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 7:18 am

Daily salivatsiya can reach 1 litre or more. When expressed slyunotechenii there matseratsiya skin and mucous lips, decreases appetite, deteriorating health. A pregnant weight, broken sleep. Because of the considerable loss of fluids are signs of dehydration. The treatment itself is essentially the same as in deodorant. We recommend rinsing the mouth nastoem lines, chamomile, water and oregano. To prevent enfleurage skin cuticles ring. Usually well after treatment and after-slyunotecheniya pregnancy is normal. Rare form of toxaemia Zheltuha pregnant. Features : # More often occurs in the second trimester. # Has progressive, resumed with repeated pregnancies, as a testimony to interrupt. # Application : jaundice, giperholesterinemiya, itch, sometimes vomiting, increased SCHF unchanged transaminaz. # Maybe cause miscarriage, bleeding, anomalies of the foetus. Factors pathogenesis. # The disease is vnutripechenochny holestaz, ie jaundice is obturatsionny nature. # A zheltuhe promotes functional liver failure due to previously transmitted viral hepatitis, etc. Dermatozy pregnant. Features : # Characterized by local or all-pervasive painful explanation. Less developed eczema, urticaria, erythema, skin faster. # Bessonitsa, irritability. # Raschesy skin adherence to infection. Factors pathogenesis : # Sensibilizatsiya, allergy. # worsening latent viral infections. # Holestaz. Acute liver dystrophy (acute gepatoz fat). Features : # Razvivaetsya DVS, haemorrhagic syndrome. # Soprovozhdaetsya oliguriey, swelling, vomiting, convulsions. Factors pathogenesis : # The pathogenesis is unclear. Maybe exodus of other forms of gestosis. # There is a link with fat underweight kidneys. # It is a gradual decline in liver and kidneys. Tetaniya pregnant. Features : lung muscles, mostly limbs. Factors pathogenesis. The tetanii gipokaltsiemiya is pregnant, which is a consequence of the following mechanisms : # Enhanced absorption Sa fruit. # Secondary gipoparatireoz. # Reducing intake Sa in the gut and rezorbtsii kidney (deficiency of Vitamin D, for instance, the holestaze). # Vydelitelny alkaloz. Osteomalacia pregnant. Features : # Violations kaltsievo / phosphorus exchange. # Dekaltsinatsiya and softening of bones. # Simfizopatiya. # Pregnancy and childbirth protivopokazany. The pathogenesis. Gipokaltsiemiya (see reasons above) raising functions paraschitovidnyh glands depletion development osteomalyatsii. Late gestosis classic triad of symptoms among pregnant with gestosis currently found in only 15% of cases. Most meets disimptomnye, monosimptomnye forms (hypertension and swelling in 32%, hypertension and proteinuriya 12% and swelling and proteinuriya 3%, hidden swelling 13% apparent swelling in 25%).
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consequence of the following mechanisms
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