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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

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 additional research methods

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PostSubject: additional research methods   additional research methods Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 7:22 am

When measuring AD must be remembered that in AD II term decline over I trimestrom all women. This AD drop coincides with an increase in cardiac ejection and the blood and lower systemic vascular resistance in women with normal value on the recommendation of WHO (1989) and in accordance with the requirements of the ICD 10th revision (1985) was revised by the current classification of late gestosis. Approved (1998) following classification late gestosis pregnant. 1. Hyperten during pregnancy. 2. Swelling during pregnancy. 3. Proteinuriya during pregnancy. 4. Preeklampsiya slightly (I nefropatiii corresponds to the gravity of the previous classification). 5. Preeklampsiya moderately injured (nefropatii II corresponds to the degree of the previous classification). 6. Preeklampsiya severe (corresponding nefropatii th degree and / or pre-eclampsia previous classification). 7. Eclampsia. Thus, a new classification adjusts doctor that Nephropathy is a severe manifestation (morphological manifestations far outpaced clinical). The diagnosis of pre-eclampsia are subject to the availability of hypertension in combination with proteinuriey or generalizovannymi edemata or if all three traits. In determining the severity of pre-eclampsia is not necessarily that all figures were within the degree. If the triad Tsangemeystera fall within the description of pre-eclampsia I level, and at least one additional research methods gives the characteristic of pre-eclampsia III moderately, should install diagnosed pre-eclampsia II gravity to the exclusion of the blood or renal pathology. Currently, there are pure and co forms late gestosis. Sochetanny pregnancy pregnant develops against the backdrop of kidney disease, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease, obesity, endocrinopathy, liver disease and other diseases ekstragenitalnyh. When sochetannyh forms late gestosis is diagnosed gestosis, depending on symptoms and severity, pointing to the background what extragenital pathology.
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additional research methods
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