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 signals can be distorted

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PostSubject: signals can be distorted   signals can be distorted Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 7:23 am

For example, pre moderately injured in the face of hypertensive disease. The features dual gestosis an early onset (before 20 weeks of pregnancy), a heavier over, as compared with pure forms. There has been an increase in sochetannyh forms late gestosis. The dual form of late gestosis severity of his diagnosis of a higher magnitude. If pure form gestosis figures in the survey with pre-eclampsia II level and we establish the diagnosis, the same parameters in gestoze against cardiovascular, renal, endocrine and other abnormalities justify pre-eclampsia diagnosis III severity amidst a extragenital pathology. The seriousness of the so-called recidivating toxaemia in re-entering pregnant in the hospital to be evaluated as an order of magnitude higher. Joining the clinic pre-eclampsia mild or moderate severity cerebral symptoms (headache, nausea, lifted the eyes, "twinkle fly"), should be seen as a heavy preeklampsiyu and consequently change the treatment policy. The literature shows another clinical form of late-HELLP-sindrom gestosis, which is a severe, life-threatening form of the current pre-eclampsia. H : Haemolysis - mikroangiopaticheskaya Hemolytic anemia, EL : Elevated Liver enzymes, increasing the concentration of liver enzymes, LP : Low Platelet count-B19. Clinic Preclinical changes (decrease in the number of platelets, the level of anti-, sea-level plasma fibronectin, etc.) identifies with 13-15 weeks of pregnancy. Doklinicheskaya diagnosis and preventive treatment started almost 3 times lower frequency of clinically expressed forms of the disease, reducing the frequency of obstetric complications during childbirth. Clinical manifestations depend on the kind and severity of gestosis. In doing so, in various combinations to meet the following violations : 1. Oedema (accumulation of fluid in tissues after 12-hour rest in bed or increased body weight at 500-700 g or more per week). 2. Proteinuriya (occurs alone or in combination with AG, libraries without prior defeat kidney). 3. Hypertension (occurs during pregnancy or within the first 24 hours after childbirth in women with normal AD). 4. Preeklampsiya (the picture nefropatii align signs of the disorder of cerebral circulation, increases vnutricherepnogo pressure and swelling of the brain : headache, vomiting, central, disorders of the (may be associated with swelling, bleeding, otsloykoy retina), pains in the abdomen, block or agitated. Grown insufficient liver, kidneys, oxygen starvation and tissue disorders. 5. Eclampsia is a syndrome of multiple organ failure, in which developing apnoea seizures in pregnant women, mothers with gestosis. Short prodroma (block, apnoea car individual muscle groups, sudorozhnoe compression fingertips). Period tons convulsing, stops breathing, AD exceeds 250 mm mercury. Art. , bleeding, detachment of the placenta. Duration 30-40 seconds. Period klonicheskih convulsing (possibly drop kiss language), there is no breathing, cyanosis. Duration 30-40 seconds. The slow recovery of breathing (loud breath and releases foam). Restoring consciousness retrogradnaya amnesia. Early pregnancy pathogenesis. There were many theories that attempt to explain the mechanism of early toxaemia : Reflex, nevrogennaya, hormonal, allergic, immune, kortiko-vistseralnaya. The pathogenesis of early toxaemia leadership is a violation of the functional state of the central nervous system. In the early stages of pregnancy symptoms early toxaemia (neurosis) are disordered function of the gastrointestinal tract. Food reflexes associated with vegetativnymi points dientsefalnoy area. Reports here from the periphery afferentnye signals can be distorted (or because of changes in the receptors uterus, or in pursuing ways), and subject to change at the centres dientsefalnoy area, which may change the nature of the response efferentnyh impulses. When broken system sensitivity is rapidly changing Reflective reactions violation food functions : loss of appetite, nausea, excessive salivation (salivatsiya), vomiting. great role in causing early toxaemia play neuroendocrine and metabolic irregularities therefore when progressirovanii disease is gradually changing salt, Carbohydrate, fat, and then the protein metabolism in the face of growing depletion and lower body mass index. Violation of the hormone can cause pathological reflex reaction. When feces pregnant note timing is the vomiting with the peak of horionicheskogo gonadotropina, often decline kortikosteroidnoy nadpochechnikov functions.
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signals can be distorted
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