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 new goals in the development

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PostSubject: new goals in the development   new goals in the development Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:07 pm

To correct gipokaliemii and AG in the face of increasing mineralokortikoidov used spironolactone. Nevertheless, only tiazidnye and tiazidopodobnye diuretiki considered effective in essentsialnoy hypertension among adolescents. Positive aspects tiazidnyh and tiazidopodobnyh diuretikov well known. Demonstrated their high cigarette activity. Demonstrated that despite the fact that gipotenzivny effect they dozozavisimy, even in low doses they have sufficient downward effect on the AD in 25-70% of patients with mild and moderate hypertension, including in teenage patients. Another positive aspect of diuretikov is their positive impact on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. In patients older age groups reliably shown that the application tiazidnyh diuretikov lowers the risk of cerebral stroke, the frequency of heart failure, mortality from cardiovascular causes, etc. [9]. With regard to adolescents and young people, until recently, dominated the view that they should be classified in the low-risk group of GCC. However emerged in the last few years a number of studies have looked a little fresh and draw attention to the need to take into account FR GCC, and especially AG already in youth and adolescence. For example, a study by the Centre "Investigations Preventives et Cliniques" (IPC), which lasted from 1978 to 1996, it had been shown that at the age of 18-55 years, the lowest mortality rate from cardiovascular causes in patients with a normal AD [10]. And according to the impact on end-point AG in the group of young patients is more significant risk factor than raising the general level of cholesterol (Fig. 2). The study began proclamation new goals in the development of the GCC since adolescence. It became obvious that AG Teenagers should start treating as early as possible-not only to improve the quality of life of patients with AD and reduce cupping of the symptoms, but also for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases remote. Based on these positions application diuretikov proven their positive influence on the frequency of the GCC and deaths from them, among adolescents is further justification.
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new goals in the development
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