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 medical tactics

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PostSubject: medical tactics   medical tactics Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:08 pm

They eat, even when there is no hunger. But in this case, the genetic characteristics that stronger cultural factors of human behaviour, "says Professor Frogel. The gene is present in large quantities in the pancreas cells that produce insulin (down sugar in the blood). But this hormone, which is produced during mealtimes, has a strong anoreksogennym effect, ie sytosti was feeling. Mutirovanny gene retards the development of insulin, which increases the sense of hunger and, consequently, calls are more and contributes to obesity. Will the opening to the emergence of the medicine? In this paragraph, Professor Frogel very cautious. "I do not know", he is responsible, recognizing that the magic pill for obesity appears. The main task of scientists is how we can better understand the complexities of human genetics. However, research in this field, in turn, will help us better understand why some people are more vulnerable to the harmful effect of the environment than others. The main problems of hypertension (AG) during adolescence and young girls are early diagnosis, evaluation of performance benchmarks AG and the antigipertenzivnoy therapy. Diagnostics AG and the main characteristics AG among adolescents and young people to solve questions of medical tactics, particularly in relation to antigipertenzivnyh drugs. In most cases, the identification of a teenager or a young man or high-normal AD AG, drug therapy is not recommended nemedikamentoznoe treatment and observation. However, in cases where non-pharmacological treatment is ineffective, as well as if a teenager shows AG II of the second report on the criteria for the Working Group to monitor the high blood pressure in children and adolescents (1987, as supplemented in 1996) [1,2] and the young man over the age of 18 is defined AD> 150/95 mm Hg [3] medication appointed at the same time as the non-therapy. An important reason for the appointment of pharmacological therapy in adolescence and young age may also serve to identify where the daily monitorirovanii AD (SMAD) stable hypertension denoting time hypertension> 50%
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medical tactics
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