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 barrier function

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PostSubject: barrier function   barrier function Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:09 pm

At the same time, activated POL has been declining serum antioxidant activity (in the 1,6-2,2 times, depending on the severity of the illness); Growing deficit essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PNZHK), the concentration decreases 1,7-3,0 times. Toxic radicals, as well as deficit PNZHK violate barernuyu and matrix functions of cell membranes. This is evidenced by increasing parameter ordered lipid membranes bisloya (mikrovyazkosti membranes) with 0,685 +0,011 CBD. Fig. with minor illnesses and 0,714 +0,002 CBD. Fig. in eclampsia (at a standard 0,673 +0,001 CBD. IU) . At the same time, it noted a decrease expressed gidrofobnosti membranes in the 1,3-2,1 times, the severity of the disease and, consequently, an increase in lipid gidrofilii bisloya and, as a result, his highly permeable. Violation barrier function bisloya lipid membranes involve changing the channel for ions, especially Ca + +, and Na +-, Ka +, Mg + +. Massive log Ca + + in the cell leads to irreversible changes thereto, in particular to the energy famine and death on the one hand and, on the other hand, in addition to muscle kontrakture and vazospazmu. Perhaps eclampsia, a kontrakturu poperechnopolosatoy musculature, due to a violation of membrane permeability and massive displacement of Ca + + in the cell. Proof of this may be the fact that the experiment Mg + +, a antogonistom Ca + +, prevents the development of this process. As you know, Mg + + provides protivosudorozhny effects in pregnant women with eklamsiey. Without denying the importance of defeat in gestozah central nervous system, kidney, uterus and other organs, are now being relevant to the development of liver changes gepatoza or HELLP-sindroma.
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barrier function
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