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 vascular permeability

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PostSubject: vascular permeability   vascular permeability Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:09 pm

Studies show that the imbalance synthesis tromboksana (Th V2) and prostatsiklina (6-keto RgF2), the ratio of which 6-keto RgF2/Th V2 decreases as progression of disease (from 2.40 to 0.11 0.01 0.008), indicating that outstrips trombaksana over prostatsiklinom. Against the backdrop of acute receptacles microcirculation change properties yield blood. Increasing vyazkostnye characteristics of the blood (in the 1,2-1,5 times), agregatsionnye properties of erythrocytes and platelets (in the 1,2-2,5 times) with the formation of cell aggregates, whose appearance on blood amidst vazospazma contributes to the formation of localized areas staza, deposited cellular components of blood, are not participating in the general circulation. The turnover in the blood gestozah is also koagulyatsionnymi properties of blood changes that show giperkaogulyatsii and develop chronic forms of the syndrome disseminirovannogo vnutrisosudistogo exit (DVS) of blood. One of the reasons for development disseminirovannogo vnutrisosudistogo blood clotting deficit is an endogenous anti-heparin (0,10 - 0,04 pc) and antitrombina III (85,0-60,0), which fall in line nefropatii gravity. The chronic current DVS in gestozah is widespread vnutrisosudistoe down blood circulation in the breach. Along with vazospazmom, violation of rock and coagulation properties of blood in gipoperfuzii the important role played gipovolemiya, largely due to the low volume of circulating plasma (OTSP). Low values BCC gestozah due to the generalized vazokonstriktsiey and lower vascular bed, and increased vascular permeability of the wall and leaving the liquid part of blood in the tissue. Vascular and vnesosudistye changes lead to a decline in white cloth and hypoxic changes in the tissues, as evidenced by the decline woven RO2ish. in 1,5-2 times, depending on the severity of the disease. Violation of microcirculation in gestozah cause significant changes in metabolism. The cells are activated peroxide oxidation of lipids (POL) and fosfolipaz release toxic radicals : blood products increased peroksidatsii (gidroperekisi 3-4 times, MDA, in 1,5-2 times respectively gravity) and the concentration fosfolipazy A2 in the 1,2-1,5 times.
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vascular permeability
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