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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

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This is evidenced by the ultrasound data showing a violation of the uterine blood flow and spiral arteries in the early stages gestatsii (8-10 weeks.) In pregnant women, most of whom later developed pregnancy. This confirms once again that the gestozam does not apply the term "late". Hypoxia, as a developing tissues matochno-platsentarnog set against a backdrop of human blood, is localized lesion endoteliya who subsequently acquires generalizovanny nature. Endoteliya damage in the development of gestosis now owns one of the essential values. Further confirmation of dystrophic changes in endotelii gestozah is identified with us in lowering serum protease inhibitor-makroglobulina whey, which is localized in the membranes endoteliya, predohranyaya them from the damaging effects of protease. Changes in endotelii in the early stages of the disease on the one hand, lead to the evolution of toxic to endoteliya - gli and circulating factor eclampsia, as well as to reduce the synthesis vazodilyatatorov, cellular dezagregantov (bradikinin, prostatsiklin). Concentration prostatsiklina decline in 2-2,5 times with the early timing gestatsii from patients who later developed pregnancy. On the other hand, when defeat endoteliya exposes myshechno-elastichnaya disc vessels, which increases their sensitivity to vazoaktivnym substances. Damage endoteliya promotes changes that underlie gestosis permeability-increasing pressure vessels and their sensitivity to vazoaktivnym substances, the loss of their tromborezistentnyh properties of the formation giperkoagulyatsii, with the creation of conditions for generalized vazospazma. Generalizovanny vazospazm leads to ishemicheskim and gipoksicheskim changes in vital organs with a violation of their functions. When bulbarnoy microscopy in pregnant women with nephropathy progression of the disease when detected a sharp decrease capillary network at the expense of partial or complete zapustevaniya capillary zone and spasticheskogo of the receptacle.
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