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 resistant mechanisms

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PostSubject: resistant mechanisms   resistant mechanisms Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:10 pm

Endocrine violations may arise in dysgravidism pregnant a second time. Renal theory. Growing womb can cause sdavlenie and ishemizatsiyu kidney, and kidney formation of renin, which, by the blood that is associated with gamma-globulinami to form gipertenzin to national increase blood pressure. But we know a anaemia in pregnant uterus size, saving sdavlenie kidneys. The criticism could withstand only immunogeneticheskaya theory, which is, admittedly several varieties, depending on the finer elements of pathogenesis. Immunological theory toxaemia gained momentum with the decision of histocompatibility. The development of gestosis attach importance to the various izoantigenam Histo-HLA-D17, HLA-D7, HLB-Da4 etc. It is anticipated that the development of gestosis a combination HLA-gomozigotnosti and retsessivnom gene defect in the immune response. Perhaps in these circumstances, the less resistant mechanisms to ensure maternal tolerance during pregnancy. Along with breach of immunological relationship of mother and fetus, there are studies that suggest the possibility of autosomno-retsessivno of the inheritance and the role of genes in fruit development toxaemia. Apparently, immunological and genetic features peculiar pregnant can be seen as a violation of platsentatsii. Therefore, the patients who later developed pregnancy in the early stages gestatsii happening braking migration trofoblasta in arteries. The izvitye maternal uterine artery retain morphology of non-pregnant; It has been transformed muscular layer. These morphological features helical receptacle as progression gestatsii predispose them to spazmu, mezhvorsinchatogo reduce blood flow and hypoxia.
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resistant mechanisms
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