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 demonstrate its complications

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PostSubject: demonstrate its complications   demonstrate its complications Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2007 3:10 pm

Overall infantilizm genital, as well as the age to 17 years. 3. Pregnancy against diseases of the kidneys, vegeto-sosudistoy dystonia, obesity, hypertension. 4. Women who had undergone pregnancy during previous pregnancies. 5. A hereditary predisposition. 6. Chronic poisoning and infections. 7. Social and environmental factors (chronic hypoxia, poor nutrition). Analysis of adverse results in late gestozah showed that in 70% of cases could be avoided as deaths or serious complications that cause disablement women and the high perinatal mortality. The errors made during the period of pregnancy and childbirth complications in late gestosis, which lead to grave complications for the mother and fetus are : # late detection gestosis in outpatient settings; # Later hospitalization pregnant; # Underestimation of the severity of gestosis in hospital; # Inadequate therapy; # unreasonable prolongirovanie pregnancy in the absence of a positive impact of treatment; # poor woman. The pathogenesis Modern theories of toxaemia : Early and late toxaemia regarded as failure to adapt female-female's inability to respond adequately to the growing pregnancy. More often than not, registered the first and second half of pregnancy will be for women burdened with history, although the clearest manifestations of somatic pathology may not be as well pregnancy will be the provocative factor that leads to the breakdown of adaptation and demonstrate its complications during pregnancy. So far, there were several theories of development toxaemia. Hormonal theory toxaemia accompanied been considerable development. The reason for the outbreak of some authors considered a violation of the crust nadpochechnikov, others change secreting hormones oestrogen, the third - lack of hormonal activity of the placenta. Violation of the endocrine glands is important in the pathogenesis of gestosis pregnant, but was not the main factor.
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demonstrate its complications
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