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 pathological process

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PostSubject: pathological process   pathological process Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 5:25 pm

The pathological process can be involved any of the structures spinal motor segment. It is important to that process begins with the intervertebral disc, and then involve other entities responsible for the safety of its functional state [8,10]. diagnostically important to differentiate between local pain, radikulyarnuyu reflected and miofastsialnuyu, that is resulting from the secondary acute muscle [6]. Local pain can be associated with any pathological process that affects the sensitive nerve or irritates them. Local pain often is permanent, but may have its intensity depending on the change in the status of the body in space or in connection with the movement. Pain can be acute or noyuschaya (Paulo), and although often spilled nature, always felt in the affected part of the back or around it. reported pain can be divided into two types : the pain, beamed from the spine of lying in the upper lumbar and sacral dermatomov and pain, which was projected in these zones of internal organs pelvis and abdomen. The pain resulting from the destruction of internal organs, usually do not affect traffic spine, it decreases in supine position and may change under the influence of variation in participating in the painful process of internal organs. Radikulyarnaya pain is greater intensity, distalnym (flaccid) proliferation, limiting the counterfoil and the conditions that cause it.
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pathological process
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