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 muscle cramps

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PostSubject: muscle cramps   muscle cramps Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:26 pm

The mechanism of the pain is clubfoot, strength, irritation or sdavlivanii souche spinal nerve. Almost invariably, the pain occurs in the direction of the central portion of the back (of the spine) to a section of the lower extremity. Cough, sneeze or strain are common factors contributing to the pain. The same effect has any movement, that is a strength of nerve or an increase in the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid. Miofastsialnaya pain can be a local pain or reflected. gizzard patients can be linked to many painful conditions spine or vistseralnyh organs and sometimes cause considerable disruption of the body and physiological movement of biomechanics. Chronic stress can cause muscle cramps, and sometimes sudorozhnuyu pain. It can then be felt as tensions resttsovo-pozvonochny x and gluteus group. pain in the lower back syndrome can be caused by not vertebralnymi causes (gynecological, kidney and the other retroperitonealnaya pathology, vascular damage, neurological disease). What is important is that it tends to have a change in the functional state structures for the vertical position of a body. In the bending, console rotation spine supports, as a single system with varying power segmentarnoy load. If the norm in intact intervertebral disks adequate ratio vnutribryushnogo pressure and the paraspinalnyh muscles and ligaments prevents the possibility of a segmented - shift structures, the availability of muscular imbalance of posture allows segmental shift in one of the three planes.
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muscle cramps
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