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 progression of disability

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PostSubject: progression of disability   progression of disability Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:26 pm

This has been facilitated by congenital structural discrepancies : Asymmetry long legs or tazovogo ring, leading to the formation of DRA or twist pelvis, dysfunction resttsovo-podvzdoshny x joints, or one-sided sakralizatsiya lyumbalizatsiya, asymmetric orientation apofizealnyh joints, etc. [2]. Among structural damage causing pain in the lower back, can be summarized as follows : hernia pulpoznogo nucleus; pozvonochny narrow channel (stenoses central channel stenoses lateral canal); instability due to disk (degeneration of the intervertebral disc) or ekstradiskovoy (fasetochnyh joints, spondilolisteza) pathology; myshechno-tonichesky or miofastsialny syndrome [12]. Clinically, the factors made it possible to extract kompressionnuyu radikulopatiyu, which leads to the progression of disability and reflex pain syndromes, mainly affect the quality of life of patients [9,10]. Compression radikulopatii Gryzha intervertebral disc One of the main causes of pain in the lumbar spine division is complaint was a discal hernia. The mechanism of its formation is as follows. Initially, it was a protruzii drive, which damaged only the internal fiber fibroznogo ring well-preserved outer fibers form a movable piece supportive protruzii ring in front of the vertebralnogo channel.
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progression of disability
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