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 nerve irritation

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PostSubject: nerve irritation   nerve irritation Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:27 pm

Damage and outdoor fibre fibroznogo ring drive, coupled with vypyachivaniem fragment studenistogo kernel when his relationship with the substance of the nucleus is not infringed formed extrusion. The termination of the formation of a free piece-sequestration hernia disk, which can move in pozvonochnom channel. The speed of the process can vary greatly. The rear longitudinal ligament limits the development of a centrally located surgery, they are more easily formed lateralnee. expressed lateral location of surgery is quite rare. intervertebral disc hernia Aside from the question of the actual disc pathology, a koreshkovyh symptoms contributes relatively narrow spinal canal. The first disc hernia education suffers firm brain casing then perinevry gangliev spinal roots and horse tail. Protruziya drive in a wide pozvonochny channel can cause pain in the back, restricting movements protective muscle spasm at the expense of tension rear longitudinal ligament and nerve irritation hard shell; koreshkovyh characters in such a situation there is no such thing. The emergence of signs interest roots of spinal nerves in these patients due to degenerative changes in lateral canals. In the case of disc hernia more actively proceeding with spinal canals with side pockets and abnormal structures of content channels (dual, with bundles of hard-liner brain and other abnormal roots). no direct relationship between the size of the channel, and the emergence of signs of compression no roots; typically, the value of the channel and nevralnogo contents are appropriate balance. There is a general tendency to change the shape of spinal canal from vertebrae to vertebrae LII LV; instead kupoloobraznoy forms pozvonochny channel looks trefoil. the severity of this trend (from 15%) contributes to the development of the pathological process in the vertebrae LV.
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nerve irritation
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