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 narrowing spinal canal

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narrowing spinal canal Empty
PostSubject: narrowing spinal canal   narrowing spinal canal Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:29 pm

Rest pain is not expressed, in the history often indicates the presence of back pain. In terms of new medical diagnostic restriction razgibaniya in lumbar spine division in the normal amount of bending, pain during the tilt forward after the walk, limiting the distance before pain distances up to 500 m. Patients find it difficult, if necessary, stand erect, Taking a typical air of a light sgibaniem feet in the hip and knee joints. X confirms the suspicion of narrowing spinal canal. The 50% of patients with bilateral symptoms found degenerativny spondilolistez, in 50% of patients with unilateral symptoms - lumbar scoliosis. The mielografii often hampered due to lack of space for the introduction of contrast substance in a narrow channel. Since mielograficheskogo study is not enough to determine the nature of stenosis, recommended a MRI or CT lumbar spine. These methods can detect narrowing of the central canal stenosis in combination with koreshkovyh channels, often changes were observed at several levels. The broad spinal canal exclude diagnosis neyrogennoy leg. The surgical treatment of obesity is to limit the number of incoming food or nutrient intake by the various divisions of the gastrointestinal tract. One of the most popular is an operation to create a small stomach, which significantly reduces the amount of food consumed.
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narrowing spinal canal
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