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 lateral retsessusa

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PostSubject: lateral retsessusa   lateral retsessusa Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:33 pm

Instead kupoloobraznoy form verhne-poyasnichnom level of L5 channel can take the form of the package. the severity of this trend (of the approximately 15% of the population) promotes neurological violations by the roots horse tail [75, 83]. There are publications, demonstrate participation and adverse antenatal genetic factors in the formation of a narrow spinal canal [81, 86, 106]. It should be noted that the development of the clinic PS at a young age, and especially in children are rare [40, 85]. Most patients with PS is a person over the age of 50 with degenerative changes in lumbar spine (degenerativny stenoses). However, the most common form of a combined FP to a combination of congenital and acquired changes. In these cases, idiopathic asymptomatic stenoses with age aggravated degeneration [40, 91]. cure changes waist disks and hypertrophy fasetochnyh joints most often cause stenozirovaniyu lumbar canal [65, 97, 116], many researchers have devoted great attention to the role of thyroid yellow bundles [82, 90]. It should be noted that the proportion of congenital spinal canal is not always clearly defined, and many authors options combined PS saw as a purely degenerative [3, 4]. Spondilolistez showing a PC can be either innocent or yatrogennym. Yatrogenny stenoses arises as a complication of surgical interventions in the remote period (postlaminektsionny stenoses), and is linked to ossifikatsiey epiduralnyh scars, and compensatory overdetermination kaltsifikatsiey rear longitudinal ligament increased degenerative changes in mezhpoz-vonkovom drive following the destruction of the rear support structures [4, 44]. Among the rare causes of acquired PS is the epiduralny lipomatoz illness Pedzheta, psevdopodagru, nonspecific and specific spondility, Sheermana-Mau disease [11, 15, 62-64, 77, 83]. haut classification PS provided many jobs differentiates stenoses central channel spine (central PS) and brain stenozy with spinal compression counterfoil at the lateral retsessusa (stenoses koreshkovogo channel) and mezhpozvonkovogo holes (foraminalny stenoses). In central PS compression roots horse tail in duralnom bag comes from the erosion of the central canal spine, that may be due as garments structures, and soft tissues. Peredne-zadny size (sagittal diameter) in the lumbar spinal canal level in the rate of 15-25 mm. cross-26-30 mm. When sagittalnom diameter from 10 to 15 mm can be tipicheskie of ICs but more often they appear at stenozirovanii less than 10 mm. N. Verbiest suggested that PS relative to sagittalnom diameter to 12 mm in diameter and an 10 mm and less than [110, 111]. Another form of PS with a fundamentally different clinical picture is stenozirovanie of lateral retsessusa (posterolateral between the body surface and upper vertebra rheumatoid offshoot) and mezhpozvonkovogo holes. In many scientific publications to date transform persist. however, terminological uncertainty about the definition of "Science stenoses, and the differences of views on the origin and treatment of this pathology. As a result radikulyarnye syndromes describe as "stenoses retsessusa side, a side retsessusa syndrome", "stenoses foraminalnogo Canadian, subartikulyarny stenoses, subpedikulyarny stenoses, foraminalny stenoses, etc.
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lateral retsessusa
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