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 occurs as a result

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PostSubject: occurs as a result   occurs as a result Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:34 pm

Classification based on the surgical anatomy of this area, has three options lateral stenozov : "stenoses Zone entrance" "stenoses secondary zone and exit zone stenoses counterfoil of mezhpozvonkovogo holes." In modern literature for lateral PS also there is a common definition as a group "nediskogennyh compression radiculopathy" [9]. "Zone entrance in mezhpozvonkovoe hole is a lateral retsessusom and causes compression radikulyarnoy here are hypertrophy top of joint summer, congenital developmental fasetochnogo joint (shape, size, orientation), osteofity edge of the body vertebrae. SERIAL vertebra, which belongs to the upper arm bone in the form compression indicates the number of low lumbar souche. "Average zone" in front of the body surface is limited to the back vertebrae, rear-mezhsustavnoy part duzhki vertebrae, medial divisions of the zone opened in the central channel. stenozov The main reasons for this are in place osteofity fastened yellow bundles, as well as spondiloliz with overdetermination glenoid bags fasetochnogo joint. "Zone exit souche front of nizhelezhaschy mezhpozvonkovy drive at the rear, interior divisions fasetochnogo joint. Reasons compression in the zone are gipertroficheskie changes and sublyuksatsiya fasetochnyh joints, osteofity top mezhpozvonkovogo drive. The literature also found the description anywhere in the world. ekstraforaminalnogo PS [46]. Under this option stenozirovanie souche occurs as a result of congenital abnormalities among cross offshoot last lumbar vertebra and wing ilium. The pathogenesis of FS significant role, along with mechanical compression plays ischaemia roots horse tail.
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occurs as a result
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