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 rarely used in practice

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PostSubject: rarely used in practice   rarely used in practice Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:35 pm

Various options lateral stenozov manifested primarily sore monoradikulyarnym syndrome. Pain clearly localized, often blended with the appearances of certain muscle groups and deposition reflexes. Unlike pain caused by disk waist diskos, pain during stenoze smaller decline to lie, they do not increase when people cough or sneeze, no "freezing" in a certain position (for example, washing) less pronounced vertebrogenic syndrome. Pain usually are of a permanent nature, less complicated time. Thus, when lateralnom stenoze typical koreshkovye pain relief. Unlike most lyumboishialgy for lateral stenosis is not typical symptom Lasega. The diagnosis PS can be used exercise samples (dosage walking) as a measure of symptoms, caused by stenosis-study tredmile [26, 75]. paraclinical studies at PS include spondilografiyu, MRI and / or CT (incl. KT-mielografiyu). Until recently, mielografiya, a major metolom diagnosis narrow channel rarely used in practice. Spondilografiya in two projections spondilolisteza possible to analyse and determine the size of anteroposterior and lateral bone structures spinal canal. In doing so, along with osteochondrosis in PS is often defined arthrosis dugootrostchatyh (fasetochnyh) joints [3]. CT and MRI can be used to observe the parameters of the channel visualization myagko-tkannyh entities and evaluation their participation in the shaping of stenosis. Evaluated peredne-zadny size of the channel (and rate of not less than 11.5 mm), the lateral (not less than 16 mm), the cross-sectional area of the channel (the lumbar level not less than 145 mm), the thickness of yellow ligament (normally no more than 4-5 mm) Height (peredne-zadny size) retsessusa side (not less than 3 mm) [14, 39, 40, 45, 56, 61, 75, 87]. MRI and T-2 mode gives vizualizatsionnuyu picture stenosis, close to mielograficheskoy.
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rarely used in practice
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