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 researchers conducted a study

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PostSubject: researchers conducted a study   researchers conducted a study Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:42 pm

If you are cooking a vegetable soups, believing that you comply with dietary treatment, then reheat soup several times not to be. The grinding products in the soup depends on your state. If you want off the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines thin, you need protective soups and mashed vegetarian or dairy. Since utihaniem inflammatory process they are gradually being replaced by pyureobraznymi and then conventional sauce in the vegetable larch, milk, larch from dried fruit. While the benefits of soups, there are situations where, and they should not be abused. "Chicken broths have always been a means to recover the body, chicken broth otpaivali people after the disease, influenza is legkousvoyaemy food. But you must know that Chicken broths, as well as all meat, fish and mushroom, should not be given to those people who have metabolic disorders, мочекаменная disease or gout - deposition of uric acid crystals in joints clad. These people can eat only vegetarian soups, however, and in these cases they are not mallow and vegetables, which a lot of substances that may provoke escalation of the disease ". Congenital malformations of the nervous, can be directly linked to diet during pregnancy. California researchers conducted a study which proved that a large number of sweet and the food, which quickly releases glucose in the blood, increasing the likelihood of severe abnormalities doubled, and if this is accompanied obesity mother, then quadrupled. This work was carried out by scientists from the University of California at Berkeley (Berkeley) and the local monitoring program congenital malformations. There were processed data on hospitals 55 of the 58 counties of California. Information collected on 454 case nervous tube defects, such as spinnomozgovaya hernia, including interrupted pregnancy and stillbirths. For comparison drawn 462 healthy children. When analyzing mother's nutritional status before conception and during early pregnancy has been found to link a defect with a large collection of glucose in the blood.
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researchers conducted a study
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