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 preliminary operations

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PostSubject: preliminary operations   preliminary operations Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:43 pm

This is how the flow of sugar, and products with high residue, such as white bread, corn flakes, potatoes. When used in the blood rises steeply, and then drop in levels of glucose. The scientists found that children of women from the group likely ills nervous system grew by about half, and if the food matched obesity, it quadrupled. It is believed scientists dramatic flow of glucose in the blood can lead to violations of bookmarks tissue in the nervous tubes, in particular, the formation of the spine. Experts have commented on the results published in the pages of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study warned that it is impossible to think that only sugar leads to deformities. It is a proven impact of a deficit-vitamin folic acid. The theme of the effects of various nutrients in congenital malformations are quite complex, and in many cases maloizuchenna. Welcome. Application abdominoplastiki is one of the methods of correcting the contours of the body obesity. But many authors noted inefficiency abdominoplastiki expressed in obesity. Because the pain, which led to excess weight is eliminated, a recurrence of excess accumulation of adipose tissue in the front abdominal wall is inevitable. Therefore, the basis for the combination of several treatments in this category of patients. Materials and methods. Over the last 5 years in our clinic performed abdominoplastika from 43 patients with obesity III-IV art. All patients were women. Of these, the 15 patients (Group I) held dvuhetapnoe treatment, which consisted of preliminary operations in the stomach and then through 3-6 months abdominoplastiki. The 3 patients was performed by-pass operation in the stomach, while 12 patients completed bandazhirovanie stomach synthetic prosthesis to the formation of "small" heart.
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preliminary operations
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