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 gravity of MBS

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PostSubject: gravity of MBS   gravity of MBS Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 5:07 pm

They caused irritation receptors fibroznogo ring myshechno-sustavnyh spinal structures are generally not accompanied by neurological defect, but may be present in the picture koreshkovyh losses. Suffice it soon develops a localized muscle spasm, a protective physiological phenomenon, raising the threshold of pain and limiting mobility of the spine division. Very often it is spazmirovannye muscles become secondary source of pain that starts a vicious circle of pain, muscle spasm, pain, persistent for a long time and would promote miofastsialnogo pain (MBS). According to different authors, from 30 to 85% of the population suffer from varying degrees of gravity of MBS. Fire disease sometimes lasts up to 12 months. Typically, the development of MBS is keen pererastyazhenie muscle observed in the performance of "unprepared" movement. Damaged muscle in the form of re-traumatization, or exposure to excess load, the impact of excessively high or low temperatures could also lead to the development of MBS. Apart from the damage to the muscle tissue, predraspolagayuschimi factors are also long incorrect posture (antifiziologicheskie posture), for example, with a long work at the computer. The role of these predisposing factors in the development of the disease is increased if the patient had eating disorders or metabolic anatomical structural inadequacies (asymmetry length of the legs or tazovogo ring) or attendant psychological or behavioral problems. A classic example is the pear muscle syndrome characterized by pain in the course of the sciatic nerve on the buttocks, caused by the disease of sdavleniya under intense pear muscle.
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gravity of MBS
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