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 certain violations

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PostSubject: certain violations   certain violations Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:47 pm

In recent years, complaints of Copyright and patients has increased dramatically, as had the number of people suffering from obesity, which is a risk factor for the emergence of sleep disturbance. So far, however, negatively impacted by hrapa and sleepy patients to a spouse or partner received little attention. This is despite the fact that research shows that people who sleep next to hrapyaschim may wake up during the night so as often as people who suffer violations of sleep. One of the studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic revealed that the wife hrapyaschih prosypalis (even if not entirely) on average 21 times per hour, that is, almost the same as the suffering hrapom (27 times). It is not clear how damaging someone else's Rating. And hrapyaschego sonnoe patients dangerous because it causes some reactions in the body that increase the risk of certain violations. However, a number of sleeping partner who has to wake up many times during the night, it did not seem to have an equally negative impact. Nevertheless, both spouses hrapyaschih, and people suffering from sleep apnoea, complain of excessive sleepiness during the day and fatigue. In the September study by the Centre for sleep disturbance in the Mayo Clinic and published in the journal Chest, involved 54 patients suffering from sleep apnoea, as well as their spouses. They all offered to answer a number of questions. The interviews revealed that the wife hrapyaschih most experienced pain, though it is unclear why that should be so. Curiously, the first wife hrapyaschih answered questions about the quality of their lives with the same results as everyone else.
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certain violations
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