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 event of an emergency

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PostSubject: event of an emergency   event of an emergency Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 6:48 pm

However, analysts believe that they are simply resigned to hrapom as part of their daily lives, because when sonnoe patients and Copyright been cured, the quality of life has increased dramatically, in other words, they suffer more than they thought. This summer the Journal of Otolaryngology published a pilot study, which was attended by only four people suffering hrapom, as well as their partners. Researchers from the University of the Queen in the city of Kingston (Ontario) and found that all partners hrapyaschih a significant hearing impairment caused by noise. All four surveyed who slept next to hrapyaschim man over 15-39 years, the violation was the only one ear, that was drawn to hrapyaschemu. Andre Ten, one of the researchers, the head of Otolaryngology, University of the Queen, said that the hrapa could reach 90-120 decibels. For some people sleep next to hrapyaschim intensity sound similar to sleep next to the operating industrial unit, said Dr. Ten. In industry, the people who work in noise over 85-90 decibels for eight hours or more, usually to be earphones. "If someone's partner is also loud ratings, hearing protection is very important," says Ten. While ear plugs are an effective solution to the problem, many people do not use them, fear not hear the alarm or wake up in the event of an emergency. The long-term solution involves treating the hrapa or somnolence patients. For some patients the greatest improvement can be achieved through weight reduction. Some problems are resolved through dental device, which opens up the airway sleeping. Surgical techniques using heat through radiation, lasers, injections or tiny implants can reduce the size of the soft palate and open the airway, as well as to strengthen the fabric that vibrates during hrapa. It is unclear how effective and durable such as surgical methods, but about 80% of patients are told at least some improvement.
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event of an emergency
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