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 lead to infertility

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PostSubject: lead to infertility   lead to infertility Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 7:33 pm

The most severe forms of somnolence patients can be fought through air masks, which puts the patient at night. In order to determine the extent Copyright partner affects you, the doctor advised to take a "sleeper vacation, 'that is, within about two weeks to sleep in another room. This will be enough to notice a difference. Infertility married continues to be a serious cause of the problems in the family and is quite a difficult problem for modern specialists, obstetricians-gynecologists. Recommended clinical algorithm for screening and treatment of couples with infertility may help physicians to solve the problem. Phase During initial couple suffering from infertility, it is necessary to initially conduct a survey spouse. It is generally believed that the fertility of men is the number of sperm from 000 to 20000 100000 000/ml. According to MacLeod, the frequency of conception reduced if the number is less than 20 million sperm / ml, and this value is now thought to be the lower limit of the rules. At least 50% of sperm in 2 hours after ejaculate must maintain mobility. Within 24 hours more than 50% of sperm from the original numbers must also maintain mobility. Other factors that can lead to infertility, are as follows : 1. Sexually manifested by blood. A study on sexually transmitted diseases, and analysis of bacterial flora in semen and urine. 2. No dilution semen. Agglyutinatsiya spermatozoa. Occasionally, it can happen to the majority of men, but if such changes are found again, it could indicate a autoimmunnuyu reaction or infection. Phase II The second phase, it is necessary to evaluate the road and functional fallopian tube, as the most frequent form of secondary female infertility. Adopted allocate two main forms of infertility Pipe : organic defeat and dysfunctions fallopian tube.
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lead to infertility
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