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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

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PostSubject: compiled individually   compiled individually Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2007 7:34 pm

Common causes of the lack of ovulation in patients with secondary amenoreey or oligomenoreey are violations of the hypothalamus : a change in body mass index (metabolic syndrome, obesity, nervous anorexia); Receiving medication therapy (hormonal, tranquilizers, etc.) or psychological disorder (family or business problems, travel, sports, etc.). The syndrome of chronic anovulyatsii are a heterogeneous group of pathological conditions, characterized by cyclic processes in violation gipotalamo-gipofizar o-yaichnikovoy system. Typical syndromes, which include symptoms such as infertility, amenoreya, oligomenoreya and anovulyatsiya are polikistoznyh ovary syndrome, a form postpubertatnaya adrenogenitalnogo syndrome, various forms giperprolaktinemii, giperandrogenii, Post neyroendokrinny syndrome and other syndromes. SAP products are divided into first and second generation. The main difference of second-generation is the first of their greater integration. For example, second-generation drugs have to 50100 times more pronounced effect saharosnizhayuschy compared to the first generation, which are applied in much smaller doses. Accordingly, the risk of side effects from drugs second generation was lower than that of the first. Currently in clinical practice (at least in Russia) apply only PSM second generation. All PSM are generally similar structure, and their pharmacological effects mediated through a single mechanism. But some of the differences in chemical structure is that each of them has its own characteristics actions that make optimal use of them in any other situations. Assign PSM with minimal doses, gradually (at intervals of 1-2 weeks) and the effect of increasing the dose as needed. In each case, the drug dose should be compiled individually, mindful of the high-risk gipoglikemichekih conditions among people aged patients. Glibenclamide remains one of the most widely used worldwide SAP. It has a maximum affinity to ATFzavisimym Kkanalam b-kletok, which has a powerful effect saharosnizhayuschy often causes gipoglikemii normally in the event of a breach of diet or testimony to its application. At present, Russia uses as nemikronizirovannye glibenklamida forms, and mikronizirovannye. Bioavailability nemikronizirovannoy form up to 70% and the concentration in the blood reaches through 46 h after administration of the drug inside.
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compiled individually
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