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Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss

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Thus, akarboza best with a high level of fast food and after normal bladders. To achieve normal levels most often use other ODM. Unfortunately, in real clinical effectiveness monotherapies akarbozoy not as extensive and manifests itself mainly in patients with first identified SD. Side effects akarbozy not dangerous but can be very painful for patients. In the thick bowels receive significantly more than the usual amount of carbohydrates, which are processed bacterial flora high gazoobrazovaniem. The patient is flatulence and diarrhea. The patient must be informed that the emergence of side-effects contributes largely deviation from the recommended diet : the use of large quantities of carbohydrates, such as slow and bystrousvoyaemyh. Therefore, in some patients the side effects akarbozy an additional factor that needs to diet. Initial akarbozy dose is 50 mg three times a day before meals or directly at the very beginning of a meal. For good endurance drug and the lack of side effects dose of the drug could increase up to 300-600 mg / day. Contra for appointment akarbozy are zheludochnokishechnogo tract diseases such as hernia various sites, Ulcerative Colitis, as well as chronic diseases of the bowel, either with acute digestive problems and suction, acute and chronic hepatitis, pankreatity, kolity. Gipoglikemii amidst therapy akarbozoy do not develop. Note, however, that if hypoglycaemia developed for other reasons (PSM overdose, in combination with the drug used), akarboza slows oral intake of carbohydrates for its correction. Patients should be informed that, in this situation, they should take drugs or products containing glucose : drop sweet wine, tabletirovannuyu glucose. Conventional sugar has been ineffective. Prandialnye regulators fast (meglitinidy) Repaglinid first registered in Russia preparation of this group. It stimulates the secretion of insulin b-kletkami, but a representative of a different class of chemical compounds than SAP.
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hernia various sites
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